TC-36 conveyor
TC-48 conveyor with dryer
TCD-72 conveyor with dual dryer
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The TC 36 desktop conveyor is an excellent complement to desktop
printers. Provides a convenient and hands-free method of stacking
printed media.

  • Variable speed for handling different quality materials and
    printer speeds.
  • Conveyor belts provide smooth transport of materials

  • Adjustable drop tray for different sized materials

  • Easy to set-up and install

  • Dryer assist -ready

  • Available in double length for media and applications
    requiring further time/heat for drying.
The Secap TC 48 conveyor features two, high capacity vacuum
fans that stabilize material on the conveyor. This helps control
the registration and transport of difficult media. In addition, the
unique and flexible design of the TC 48 make it adaptable to
meet your transport and drying needs.

Available in right-to-left and left-to-right configurations
The Secap TCD 72 is a powerful conveyor/ drying solution ideal
for desktop printers. The integrated high capacity fans provide
excellent control of media on the perforated transport belt. The
2000-watt dryer improves the drying speed of HP ink on a variety
of materials including glossy and coated stocks.

Available in right-to-left and left-to-right configurations

  • Adjustable height floor stand with locking castors

  • Runs on standard 110V outlet

  • Heavy duty construction for high volume jobs

  • Dual stage vacuum assist for holding glossy stock
Secap TC-36 conveyor

Secap TC-48 conveyor
with dryer

Secap TCD-72 conveyor
with dual dryer
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